Wean pigs

Wean pigs ready for grow out . These are raised on corn and fresh produce, they are Duroc-York This is not your typical pork chop Priced at .90 cents per pound. Call to ask for other discounts
Yorkshire cross sows $120. Sows are 14 months old average 220-260lbs, gentle and easy to handle. Raised in a pasture with access to feed and water.Yorkshire cross pigs - $40-60. Age 2-3 months old average 30-50lbs. Raised on pasture with sows and started on feed.
butcher hogs ready for processing. These are raised on corn and fresh produce , they are Duroc-York cross. This cross produces flavorful pork, high in ph and very moist and tender. Priced .90 per pound. The weights range from 100lb. I also have any size feeder pig or wean pig for 60 Jennice